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Hi Guys This is Manjula Fernando and Welcome to my Azon Video Maker Review.

Amazon is One of the Well known eCommerce Sites in the World Right Now.  We all Know it! Don’t We?

This could be the main reason you must be reading this post and want to join the millions of marketers who are interested in becoming an affiliate or getting into affiliate business with amazon.

In this post i will reveal the secret to the most challenging question every marketer has. How to Drive Traffic in to their sites!

Some people are still sticking with SEO to Rank their Sites on Google to get targeted traffic but most of you are missing the big piece!

Google is not the only way to drive targeted Traffic. 

There is a reason for Youtube is called Google’s little Brother.

This Review is all about how to drive Youtube Traffic to your website and how to do it easily without lifting your finger.

Introducing Azon Video Maker!

This is the best software that  create videos from any of Amazon products.

You don’t have to put your face in front of a camera nor need any product knowledge! you can do this without any Website.  Amazing, Right?

Want to know more? Let’s go check this Azon Video Maker Review


Main Features of This Software

1.Just 1 click to turn any Amazon Product into a Video

All you got to do is select the product of your liking and press ONE button then the software will create an mazing video and also upload it to your youtube channel automatically.

2. Built in Amazon Product Search Bar

You will not have to login into Amazon and scroll down pages to select products. you can just type in the product in the search bar in the software then click and it will insert all the details of the product into the software and create you an amazing video.

3. Automatically Insert Images & Product Info

No need to copy paste and Images or Product description from the Amazon website. Software does it for you at the press of a button.

4. Automatic Voice- Over

Software comes with 18 natural voices of Men or Female and can select from 9 different Languages. This software will Turn all the Text into a Voice of your picking.

5. Automatic Uploading

This software will upload your video not only to youtube but Vimeo and Dailymotion too.

6. Software Automatically Adds Video Effects, SEO Tags, Text Overlay & Almost Natural Voice

As i explained earlier this software does everything for your no need to worry about keywords, Text overlay or Video effects.

7. Amazon Affiliate Linked will be automatically added.

All you have to do is to give your affiliate ID to the Software and it automatically adds your affiliate link as the First line in the video Description.

8. Shares Your Affiliate Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Medium

This Software will make you more money by automatically sharing your videos on main social networks and also get  quality backlinks to your video.

09. Earn Commissions from 14 Amazon Sites in Different Regions – Get Paid for Sales from any where of the World.

Amazon operates in 14 different regions and no matter where you are from, you can create videos with your affiliate ID, with products available in your region and even promote products from different region and earn commissions on them.

Click Here to See all of it’s Features! 

Or you can Try it for your self!

Download Azon Video Maker now!

Still Confused? Let me Make it easy for your Lets see

How Does This Amazing Software Work? (Azon Video Maker Review)

Step 1

Go to Search Bar and Enter a Keyword or Product you want to promote. Then Pick the Amazon product you like.

Step 2

Select Your Settings, Choose the Images,Sound and the Voice over you Like.

Finally – Step 3
Press the “Create Video” Button. Whaaala! you have your video in No time.

Demo Video:



If you are Newbie to Online Marketing and don’t have a Email List to promote your product. This Software is a must! So Make use of this product! This will save your time and money and make you more commissions from Amazon Products!

Get your own copy of Azon Video Maker here!

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I hope you enjoyed my Azon Video Maker Review.

If you wish to ask me any questions or to get help from myself then join here Online Marketing With Manjula Fernando FB Group!

To Your Success,

Azon Video Maker Review

Manjula Fernando 

Azon Video Maker

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