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In a Nutshell, What is Channel Authority Builder?

Hi Everyone This is Manjula Fernando and Welcome to my Channel Authority Builder Review

So you have been trying really hard with keywords and backlinks and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Well here is a product that can rank you albeit differently almost in disguise. What’s that?

Well, Channel Authority Builder is a unique product designed to bring your video to the suggested videos section or the sidebar on YouTube and pull traffic from there.

Channel Authority Builder Review

Channel Authority Builder Review

Who is Channel Authority Builder for?

Do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, then look no further, you absolutely need this. No matter what your niche is. It is for everyone who is on YouTube. This tool can push your channel views up in no time. Whether is a veteran or a newbie, it does not matter. People who can benefit are:

  • Video marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Digital marketers
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • Offline Business
  • Local marketers
  • Any YouTuber!

3 things I love about Channel Authority Builder:

1) With Channel Authority Builder, Cyril has brought to the table a completely new way of gaining mileage on YouTube. It has changed my approach to YouTube completely. Whilst the whole world focuses on ranking this tool focuses on authority in other words goodwill of a channel and teaches you to capitalise on it.

2) The second best part is the competition analysis that Channel Authority Builder offers. Here is your chance to leverage upon all the hard work that your competition is doing. Find out what they are doing, follow the directions this automated software gives and egg your way ahead on the sidebar!

3) Channel Authority Builder comes up with everything in real time! It can pick up keywords that’s become hot suddenly and let you know about it. You may well be on your way and discover a profitable new niche.

Channel Authority Builder Review

Channel Authority Builder Review

What will I get inside Channel Authority Builder?

Channel Authority Builder is a tool that revolutionizes the way you get traffic on YouTube. Keeping this in mind the Cyril has thrown in the exact strategy in the form of a training along with all of this:

  • Monitor what’s working for any channel and unravel its best secrets.
  • Get accurate trend information for the topics that are trending in your niche right now.
  • Appear on other channels’ sidebars and unlock traffic from other people’s videos.
  • Find all channels from your niche and monitor their marketing secret.
  • Monitor keyword rankings and see how your and other people’s video do over time.
  • Get accurate statistics for channels and videos & find the real winners.

Any drawbacks to Channel Authority Builder?

Channel Authority Builder is a flawless product, well designed and crafted. There are reasons for this kind of perfection. The product has been developed by Cyril from years of personal experience. He has overcome several bumps to get to this. The tool is the result of his phenomenal success and experience on a YouTube channel with millions of views.

Final thoughts on Channel Authority Builder:

If you have long term commitment to YouTube then you cannot give Channel Authority Builder a miss. There are those videos that create a stir and then blur out into oblivion. Nothing much achieved there. YouTube is looking for rich content and gives a lot of importance by suggesting them on the sidebar. Channel Authority Builder is an awesome tool that will help you with just that.

Channel Authority Builder Review

Go for it Guys!


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I hope you enjoyed my Channel Authority Builder Review.

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To Your Success,

Channel Authority Builder Review  

Manjula Fernando 

Channel Authority Builder

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